Set up an offshore company

When establishing an offshore company in Switzerland, we find two different legal forms to which this article must be devoted. In this way, we can know which is the best option to invest our assets in Switzerland. On the one hand, corporations (SA in French: Societe Anonyme) and secondly the Limited Liability Companies (SARL in French: Société à Responsabilité Limitée).

Requirements to incorporate an offshore company in Switzerland: SA or SARL

  • Number of shareholders: in both the minimum number of shareholders can be from a natural or legal person.
  • Name of the company: the name of the company must bear the initials of the legal form that corresponds to SARL or SA.
  • Social capital: the minimum social capital of the SA amounts to more than 90,000 euros (about 100,000 Swiss francs) with a minimum of 50% contributed (45,000) at the time of the constitution. On the contrary, the SARL must fully contribute all the capital stock amounting to just over 18,000 euros.
  • The nominal value of the shares: the nominal value of the shares or participation of the partners does not have a minimum amount in the case of the SA. However, the SARL need a minimum value of 90 euros (100 Swiss francs).
  • Residents in Switzerland and conabilidad: in both cases, one of the directors of the company will have to be resident in Switzerland. Accounting is mandatory for all but no type of audit is required. To do this, you must request a “voluntary exclusion”.
  • Confidentiality and privacy: the SAs offer more privacy and confidentiality than the SARL. In the case of the latter, the names of the partners and shareholders may appear in local public registers. The names of the shareholders associated with the SA remain anonymous.
  • Transfer of shares: the transfer of shares or shares in the company is made by simple transfer in the case of the SA or through the signing of a contract of sale of shares signed before a Notary.